Day 2 week 2. C25K

Job done!


I’m pleased that I seem to be improving in distance and pace but aware that my heart rate is higher than I would like when I’m doing the run bits.

IMG_1072So I’m nôt as fit as I’d like to be. It maybe that I repeat week 2 or 3 until I get a bit more comfortable with it.

Its all so much better than the nothing I did in May though!

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Making hay whilst the sun shines.

yay! Summer has arrived in Lancashire. There are tractors everywhere as farmers are literally making hay!

IMG_1068.JPGNo one is celebrating the sunshine more than my husband. Why? Well someone came to read the electricity meter and it turns out that the actual bill is more than the estimated bill. A lot more. Hubs blames it on buddy, my treadmill.

‘Really’ I said. ‘You think that 4 hours per week on the treadmill uses more electricity than the constant charging of 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2desktop computers and a TV?’ He wouldn’t take any excuses and kicked me outdoors for a run.

So I spent loads of time fiddling with the C25k app – trying to get the sound on, you have to switch the phone off not the app when you put it in your pocket to get the notifications, oh – and my super -expensive -at -the – time Denon running headphones don’t work any more. (They are almost 10 yrs old)

Anyway. ”Tis done. Week 1 completed (with rest days). Week 2 started. Interestingly, despite the hills and the messing around, when I run outdoors I run at the same speed I do on my treadmill (8kph) but I walk faster !

How does it compare with MAF?

IMG_1070Well my average HR is well within MAF (below 130) but the peaks are well above at upto 150. I don’t really think that I made much progress with MAF though- I think that you need the time to get those long slow miles in, realistically a couple of hours a day, which I don’t feel that I have. So I’m sticking with C25k for now -30 mins 3x per week suits my schedule much better!

so hubs is saving even more electricity with a barbie for tea😁😁😁

ahhh. British summertime – how long will it last?

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That old proverb…..

You know the one, fall down 7 times, get up 8?

Did anyone ever get to 20? 50? 150?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started again on my fitness journey!

But this time I really am starting again, right from the beginning with C25k. None of this trying to do a 5k out of nowhere stuff.

Last week I halfheartedly downloaded the app (thank you Cee Jay for the recommendation!) but didn’t move off the sofa.

A couple of days ago it was our wedding anniversary and we went out for a lovely meal.  The next day I stepped on the scales and I kid you not I gained 3lb over night! I know that it was probably due to the salt content or something but it was the last straw. I’ve been gaining a pound per month for the last few months, and this week my back and knee started hurting again. All that had cleared up on my junk free diet.

So this morning when I got up I got dressed in my running gear. I dropped Joe at school and when I got home I thought about having a cup of coffee – but no!!!! JFDI!!!!  I thought.

Without stopping to put on my sports watch I made a quick decision to use the treadmill and got on with it.


It was perfectly manageable and I felt good when I’d finished. I couldn’t help but think back to my first ever attempt at C25k 5 years ago when I couldn’t even manage the 2minute jog. The only problem now is my ‘all or nothing personality’ now I have to fight the urge to do this every day and not take the rest days! My plan to combat this is to walk or row for 30mins on the rest days. 💡 or look for a yoga class! Work on that strength and flexibility😊

Despite the feeling of being back at the beginning, I can’t help but feel that this is an opportunity to do it better this time.

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Running in the clouds.

No need to travel to the Himalayas. Here in Lancashire the clouds come down to you!

Especially if it’s a bank holiday!

I finally got out for a ‘run’. First mile downhill all the way and managed it in under 11 minutes- I think that’s a record for me. The next 3 miles were gentle uphill on the way back and I walked most of it. Whatever. It’s still exercise!

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Pressing the reset button.

Yay! It’s holiday time, half term for the son and a week of annual leave for me. We aren’t going away, – we haven’t had a holiday since this time last year and it will become apparent why, later…….!

So things have gone a bit awry over May. I haven’t run all month (even I didn’t realise that it was that long until I checked my garmin). A few sugary treats have crept into the diet, a few glasses of wine and a few pounds have been gained.

my Facebook account was hacked resulting in me deleting it, so I’m not frittering away my time on social media and I have spent less time blogging.

Seriously, even I was shocked to see 0 miles in 4 weeks!

no running, no blogging, no Facebook, no healthy diet, what HAVE I been doing,  is this a life going into tailspin?

Fear not!

Hubs and I have taken on the biggest project of our life since having a baby.

We are building our own house!!!

It is scary but exciting. It does however take up my limited free time despite having a project manager.

So far we have a hole in the ground with concrete in it.

Now I have a week off work. Yay!!

My son is planning to revise for his exams so for me I’m hoping that I have some time to myself. Time to press the reset button and try to get back into some normal routine with some exercise, my buddhist practice, being a bit more careful about what I eat and hopefully doing a bit of writing every day. (I dream of paying off the mortgage with the proceeds from my novel🤣😂🤣😂- I’ve already pledged 50% of my profits from the film rights to charity!😂😂 and I’ve only written 12,000 words!)

Yes, I know, I’m a crazy woman, albeit a very lucky crazy woman who has opportunities to do crazy things and have wild ideas!

Have you ever had a crazy dream come true?

Do you still have a crazy dream?

Do you believe that you can make it happen?


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Interesting times.

IMG_1019When I arrived at work on Wednesday I was surprised to see a flag flying at half mast. Not surprised at the sign of respect for the victims of the Manchester bombing but surprised that we had a flag and a flagpole!

I couldn’t help but speculate on the chain of command for raising the flag. Asking around we concluded that the porters were probably in charge of the flag, it’s storage, maintenance and errection. But did they also decide when to put the flag up? Apparently the other time the flag goes up at half mast is if someone who works here dies in service.

I can imagine that our porters, who know everyone in the hospital, would be the kind of people who know and care about what happens to staff and would take responsibility for the flag but in these days of corporate image would they be allowed this kind of power?  Does our CEO even know that we have a flag? Or is the flying of the flag carefully controlled by the communications department?

So hot on the heels of the cyber attack we have the terrorist attack. We are far enough away from Manchester not to receive any casualties, but close enough for local people to have been at the concert.

The good things to come out of these events have been the way that people have pulled together and cared for others.

In my hospital, the cyber attack didn’t lead to cancelled activity, 90% of the time if people could put up with a bit of waiting around and inefficiency we worked around the loss of IT. Our whole IT department worked around the clock over the weekend, replacing hard drives on computers and setting them all up again ( we have 7,000 staff and everyone uses a computer for something). However, quite a lot of valuable information has been lost it terms of letters that had been dictated and that were waiting to be typed. Fortunately, my secretary is a superstar and keeps up to date with the typing so I have just had a handful of letters to do (and fortunately remembered most of the patients) but other departments may have potentially lost hundreds of letters.

In Manchester the public pulled together to help the victims of the attack, driving people home, bringing food and water, giving blood. There is very much a spirit of everyone pulling together and closing ranks against terrorism, against people who want to destroy peace, love and communnity.

Once again I am in awe of the resilience and spirit of the ordinary human being. How all our little tiny acts of love and kindness that we give to others can add up to something great. And the greatness is part of us all.


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Thinking about recovery.

Recently I had a patient with breast cancer who was so determined to fight her disease and get better. She is young and dynamic. She was prepared to do anything to beat this.

She had a large-ish tumour and so we recommended chemotherapy before surgery.

I explained that the chemotherapy normally takes 18 weeks. Normally you have 2 doses of chemotherapy in a week and then 2 weeks to recover before the next 2 doses.

Then she asked something that I’ve never been asked before: could she have her chemotherapy every week so that her treatment would go quicker? She really wanted to get on and get better!

The way chemotherapy works is that it kills any cells that are in the process of growing and dividing when the dose is given. Cancer cells tend to grow more quickly than the body’s normal cells, so more of them get killed. The other cells in the body that grow really quickly are hair follicles, your immune system and the lining of your gut, so that’s why chemo can make your hair fall out and make you sick.

The 2 week gap is long enough for your body’s normal cells to recover enough to tolerate the next dose. Usually the body recovers better that the cancer, and the cancer eventually reduces.

But without the recovery period, for this type of chemotherapy, you would die.

The recovery time is just as important as the treatment!!

Once she understood this my patient was fine and actually she had a great result from her chemo with virtually no cancer left at surgery.

Why am I telling you this story?

Just to highlight to you how marvelous the body is, how it can withstand massive traumas and given time it will recover. But it does need to be given time to rest and recover.

And so it is with running.

The body needs time to recover.

Like my patient, we tend to think that more of a good thing (medicine or exercise) must be better, but that isn’t so. It works best interspersed with recovery time.

So don’t think that recovery time is wasted. It is essential!

‘Nuff said.


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IMG_1010Currently I’m on study leave attending a conference. In Belfast, somewhere I haven’t been before. Although my running  kit made the journey across the sea I didn’t actually get a run in! However I have been wearing my garmin and I managed to walk 10miles on Sunday and similar on Monday. Sunday we got caught in the rain, hence the rainbow!😊

Belfast is a city of contrasts. The newly developed area by the waterfront is very modern and the epitome of sophisticated city living. The bus tour we took of the city included the areas that were involved in all the sectarian violence of years gone by. Somehow it feels as if the walls and roads were soaked in all the anger, the murals, the high wire fences, the gates (though open) still present across the roads.

How many cities like this across the world, still at war, or slowly trying to recover? It really makes me value my quiet little life, my home, my family.

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This one is about books.

Hello everyone.

Yes I’ve been a little bit quiet recently, sorry if you missed me. However this is primarily a running blog shared with fellow runners and as I haven’t been running much recently I haven’t had much to write about, and no pictures.

Instead I’ve been spending a bit more time devoted to my true passion, reading.

in the last 2 weeks I have read these 2 books

I know that many of my blogging friends are interested in positive mental attitude and so on – it appears to be essential for long distance, so I thought that I would share!

The positivity one was interesting. Lots of benefits to having a positive outlook, in all aspects of life including health. But it has to be genuine, apparently faking it is really bad for your heart. How do you learn to be genuinely positive? Through mindfulness meditation apparently. How positive do you have to be? A ratio of 3 positive episodes/ thoughts for every negative episode (and a ratio of 5:1 for a happy marriage!) can you be too positive? Yes, work teams who have a ratio of more than 13 positive comments for every negative one fail….. complacency is dangerous for improvement .

The second book, flourish is More interesting to me. Seligman explains that ‘well being’ is about more that simply feeling happy and has 5 components. He uses the acronym PERMA

P ositive emotion (i.e. Feeling happy)

E ngagement ie doing something that absorbs you

R relationships – getting along well with others

M meaning – something that gives life a purpose, spiritual for many

A chievement

If you have 3 out of 5 at any one time you will feel good.

There’s more to both, so please don’t think my summary says it all and puts you off reading!

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Time on your own

I like the way this blog captures the things I like about running (but not cycling! Yet!) too.

We Run and Ride

nelson-beamThe idea of tracking a run or a ride by satellite on some days just seems intrusive. Who really, truly needs to know what you’re doing? Perhaps even you don’t need or want to know what you’re doing.

Just go do it. Stop worrying so much whether you’ve hit your metrics or done something to fight off the karma of the Strava trolls. Ten years from now, it won’t matter if you ran 9:36 per mile or 9:56 per mile on a four-mile run on Friday in April 2017.

There are simply times when you need some time on your own.

That’s true in life as well. I’ve spoken with more than one woman friend coming off a divorce or a dating relationship that just wants time on her own. To sort that shit out. Same goes for the guys. All people need time on our own. Sometimes.

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