It’s all gone to pot (belly)!

Back in April I decided to ditch my low carb diet.  I started it in October 2015. I felt lots of benefits from giving up sugar. Not being hungry all the time. No hypoglycaemic crashes and a pleasing fat loss (5% of my body fat).

Then I read somewhere that low carb diets could cause depression. As I’d been having a few problems with my mood, I decided to eat more carbs. I thought that I already got enough carbs from eating lots of veg, sweet potato and the like but I decided to give it a go, just in case. However, re introducing carbs could have been just brown rice, I’d have got most of my B vitamins there – it didn’t have to be cake did it?

However, cake crept in.

cake is addictive.

At the same time life got busier. currently all our free time is taken up researching bathroom furniture, kitchens, tiles, carpet, light fittings. Every weekend, any annual leave: all those free bits of time get soaked up with house business. And what do you do if you need to discuss your recent tile viewing   (and reward yourself for all that effort)? Pop into a coffee shop for a nice latte and a slice of cake!

There’s no time left for regular exercise, or even the usual shopping for and preparation of  healthy meals. I’ve eaten quite a lot of ready made food recently.

This is the result:


So disappointing  when I worked so hard to lose that weight and I enjoyed being slimmer! I’m back where I was 2years ago. 😖☹️

What to do next?

First of all, don’t panic!

I think that I just have to accept that things are going to be difficult for a little while longer (another 2 months to go until we move).

In the meantime, I’m just going to do what I can, stop the cake and try to get a little bit of walking /running.

I’m already looking forwards to a new start, New house, new running routes! I have a feeling in my water (it’s an idiom, I haven’t got an infection) that 2018 is going to be a good running year.

Is anyone else preparing their New Years resolutions yet?


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IMG_0433I have a cold.

ive been a complete mard arse about it ( the professional term would be ‘ fully appropriating the sickness role’).

im dressed in fleecy clothes and big pants and staying indoors.

im not using capital letters either, that’s how sick I am.

but every cloud has a silver lining.

during the night when I couldn’t sleep due to coughing and nose blowing, I discovered that there was no competition for wi fi bandwidth so I watched some TED talks, updated my music and so on. Bliss!

hubs is intelligent enough to work out that if our son had this last week and I have it this week, it will be his turn next week, hence he is mollycoddling me, (in hope of a return of service next week). I quite like that!

so no running to report.

i hope that you are all doing better!

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Just when you least expect it…..

A really good run!

I just set off slow and steady and kept going. OK the first mile was downhill all the way, but I ran almost all of it. I often end up having a little walk break even down hill.

It was such a good run that I didn’t stop to take any photos….. until I had to run uphill to get back home …..

IMG_1568Five miles, from wiswell to barrow to whalley and back.

The hill profile….


I confess that I walked the last mile uphill!

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breathe deep – just run

No run since Monday.


Its been a funny, stressy kind of week. Did I not run because I was stressed or was I stressed because I didn’t run?

Nothing bad, actually, really good stuff. Hubs and I are having a house built, and there are a lot of decisions to make. It’s just an added bit of life that needs some time and energy.

Sometimes though, doing it all (on time and on budget) can be hard work and cause some sleepless nights. It doesn’t take much to give me a sleepless night!

This morning I caught up on sleep but Now I’m needing a good run out, just to get away from it all for an hour or two and clear my head, so I’m planning a long slow one for tomorrow.

It was lovely to receive a gift from my blogging friend Cee Jay, who summed up my philosophy on keeping on top of it all – breathe deep – just run! She made this beautiful bangle herself and I love it because she made it for me and because it  is my philosophy. Thank you Cee Jay!

She has a website on etsy called lechameleon with lots of pretty things if you need a gift for a friend. (Or yourself)

Take care



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That’s the first week of September.

This week I determined that instead of reading in the morning I would get straight out of bed, do a bit of Buddhist practice and go for a run. I’ve managed it 5 days out of 7 so I’m pleased with that. However, not all my runs have been first thing, and not all my runs have been runs!



Saturday was lovely so I got outdoors. Friday a did a short but good’ n on the treadmill but on Saturday somehow I wasn’t really up for running so I did a 5k brisk walk instead.  I got a lovely view of ‘the trough’ (pictured).


weather was variable today. We had some sun in the afternoon and again a felt like I needed some fresh air so I decided to head out onto the hill. It was about 6pm so I knew that I had a couple of hours before sundown.

It was very cloudy and I could see ‘weather ‘ coming in, but I’d put on my windstopper leggings and waterproof jacket, so I wasn’t worried. However, when I got to the top of the hill, the weather arrived and it wasn’t rain. It was a whipping wind full of hailstones! Frankly, it was a sharp left turn and straight down the hill!

I’ve managed just under 11 miles this week which I’m pleased with. I’m hoping for a similar week next week.


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Will power

IMG_1530Over the weekend at some point I took a break from my duties as a domestic goddess, sat down with a cup of tea and flicked on the TV. I chanced upon a programme about the brain. The presenters/ researchers were looking at addiction then got onto the topic of willpower. They did an experiment where they got 2 groups of people to watch an upsetting film  but asked one of the groups to supress their emotions and not cry and asked the other to let it all out. Afterwards both groups were asked to squeeze a hand ‘thingy’ for as long as they could. Those who hadn’t used their willpower up suppressing their emotions were able to squeeze for longer. The conclusion of the experiment being that we have a finite amount of willpower and it gets used up-  it isn’t like a muscle where the more you use it the stronger it gets.

Over the last few weeks I’ve come to realise that a favourite pastime of mine has got out of hand and could be turning into a bad habit – maybe an addiction?

yes. It’s reading.

I love reading (good quality stuff mind!) and had got into the habit of a few pages on my iPad with my morning cup of tea. Over the summer this has escalated into an hour in the morning – and another at bedtime. No wonder I haven’t had time for running!

So now I’m ditching the morning read (with a promise of bedtime reading!) in favour of doing my run in the morning – before I use up all my willpower!

This morning was the first go. I did well, got out in the early morning mist – see the picture! I didn’t run though- after no running for a couple of weeks I just settled for a brisk march. I just wasn’t in the mood for running at that time of morning lol!😆😆 It was the right thing to do. After 30 minutes my muscles had warmed and loosened and I felt much better than when I set out.

So here’s to tomorrow!

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Our last day of walking. It did rain today but it was OK. It was actually the easiest day of walking with low lying hills and I’m pleased to say that the waterproof  trousers held up well!

IMG_1461Rain on its way in!


The Hadrians wall trail is really well marked all the way along – you can’t get lost!


Roman style graffitti


An honesty bar. We saw 2 of these on today’s walk. Only accessible on foot ….. but very wellcome!

After the rain

IMG_1466After the rain.

maybe it was the rain or maybe the terrain, but we made a good pace today and covered 9 miles in 4 hours. So warming rather than chilling in the B&B and looking forwards to a Greek restaurant for dinner. When life is good – enjoy it!!!


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More walking today, less sightseeing. Partly though choice, we have had our fill of Roman history now!

Another day of great weather. Although the weather forecast predicted rain, and Dave and I did buy waterproof trousers in expectation, being British I also packed a pair of shorts and some sun cream. And on Thursday I used them!

We walked from steel rig to GIlisand. Over the highest point of the trail;

IMG_1448The wall runs along a geological fault line, a series of rocky crags. You can see them along the right hand side of the horizon;

IMG_1453Friday promises rain, easier walking but I suspect less interesting stuff to look at ( the wall was constructed of turf from here). We have crossed the watershed in the middle of the country, so the rock changes, less craggy different type of scenery.

at least I have my sunburn to keep me warm……..

I must look up the course of the ‘Hadrians wall marathon’ . Not because I want to run it – but because I want to marvel at those who do! It is a very ‘undulating’ landscape!

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FullSizeRenderwednesday was unexpectedly sunny (again) which was a bonus. A much easier day of walking, only 5 miles, which improved the mood of the teen. He was getting quite into the spirit of things actually, taking photographs of the scenery – and wait for it- when we had a boring bit of road to walk along , singing songs!!!!

here are a few snaps of the day. (Steel rig to housesteads to vindolanda)


A passer by kindly took a picture of the threee of us – had to cut his thumb off ! ( the picture)


The tree is in ‘sycamore gap’ and famous because they shot the opening scenes of ‘Robin Hood prince of thieves’ here. It’s only 300 miles to Sherwood Forest!


The staineway – an original roman road that ran parallel to Hadrians wall across the width of England.


Vindolanda has an amazing collection of artefacts – including hundreds of shoes! Definitely worth a visit. The sophistication of clothes, jewellery and pottery suggest that people haven’t changed much in 2000 years!

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Exploring the final frontier.

Of the Roman Empire that is! OK so I’m a few centuries out of date but hey! What’s new? So I have persuaded the family that walking Hadrians wall would be a great way to spend a holiday.

Hadrian’s wall was built across the north of England to keep out the ‘northern barbarians’. Started in AD122 with various modifications over the years. It’s about 80 miles long and stretches from coast to coast, tynemouth/Newcastle at the east, solway firth at the west.

There are lots of excavated roman ruins to look at along the way.

We aren’t walking the whole thing, just 40 miles in the middle. The weather forecast was for rain, but fortunately for us they got it wrong and we had a bright and sunny day.

IMG_1328We started our visit in corbridge, where we visited a museum, then started our walk in chollerford. In low lying areas, much of the wall has disappeared, the stone having been taken in years gone by to be used in local buildings, but once you get onto the hills, there are lots of sections of wall to be seen.

We walked to housesteads, and from there we got a taxi into haltwhistle where we are spending the night. I confess, that by the end my legs were sore, and I thought that I would be stiff and sore today, but actually I’m not too bad. I did ‘catch the sun’ though, despite my SPF 20 facecream, and am now sporting that very British look of bright red face and yellow wild hair!

My garmin says that we walked 14km.


The last couple of miles coming up to housesteads were a bit hilly.


Lovely scenery


Remains from the temple of Mithras

My teenage son is not entirely impressed with this as a holiday, but I think it’s a teen thing. He’s enjoyed walking in the lakes before but of course this doesn’t have the joy of reaching the peak of a mountain. However he now appreciates a good tea shoppe! Bribery with food is all that’s keeping it together!

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