Transferable skills.

I had a bad case of 'mummy goggles' - I thought that he was absolutely beautiful!

I had a bad case of ‘mummy goggles’ – I thought that he was absolutely beautiful!

When I became a mother my life changed in so many ways. My eyes were opened to the fact that everyone was someone’s baby once and I began to see people through the lens of ‘if this was my baby grown up how would I want them to be treated’ . Particularly those old people suffering with dementia or incontinence, or the drunks or druggies, I managed to put my judgements aside and summon up the care and empathy I would want someone to show to my son if he ever ended up in that position.

Parenthood brings its own set of skills that need to be mastered. With a loved one you try to look beyond behaviour you don’t like, find the cause and deal with it. You don’t shout at a cranky toddler and tell him to buck his ideas up ( well not unless you WANT a screaming match) you check that they have enough food, sleep and interest. With a bigger child you have to learn the cunning ways of getting them to do things because it’s FUN to put toys away, or it was their idea. You try to listen and make them feel special.

The funny thing was, that when I applied these tactics at work, to adults, they worked just as well!

Recently at work I have had to develop more ‘managerial’ skills . It isn’t easy for me. Particularly in areas such as delegation or asking for help. Particularly if you are an obsessional control freak.

The fact is though you can’t do it all by yourself and you need to get other people to help. Sometimes, getting someone to help you and showing them how to do it is actually really great for them, an opportunity for them to learn new skills and develop themselves and of course then you have a really good feel good factor.

However I have come to realise that It isn’t just work where I can’t do it all by myself. It’s life! So the time has come to turn the tables and transfer some skills out of work and into home.

I’m asking my family to help me to train for a marathon. I have printed off a training plan and stuck it on the fridge😱😱😱

imageThe idea is that they will see when I have runs to do and will offer to say, cook dinner whilst I go for a run or even come for a run with me!!!!! But what’s in it for them? Well hubster thinks I’m less grumpy when I’m running so that should be enough for both of them😎

So far so good, only 1 session missed and today hubster has done all the hoovering. 1 week down , 40 to go!


About mawil1

Hi my name is julie and I took up running at the age of 46! Hence 'mawil' Middle Aged Woman In Lycra. I did it at first because someone asked me to do a charity run with them. I couldn't run at all, but pride wouldn't let me be seen to be unable to run so I started a walk run programme. I stuck with it and to my surprise I found that I liked it- after a couple of weeks of progress I was hooked! My blog is about my progress in running and how I fit it in with the rest of my life.
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12 Responses to Transferable skills.

  1. shazruns says:

    Fantastic strategy, good luck with the training x

  2. Your strategy is great! I also love the intro because you are so right! We should always try to treat others the way we would want our kids to be treated πŸ˜‰ Great post! Sending love from Texas, Brittney @paperplanelaneboutique

  3. So... says:

    Beautifully expressed.
    Such a brilliant idea and when I think about it, so simple. Definitely borrowing this.

  4. CeeJayKay says:

    WOW!!!! What a result! I think my vacuum cleaner would go up j. Z puff of smoke if hubby even knew where it was πŸ™‚
    Reading this on my phone so going home to re read on my ipad xxx

    • CeeJayKay says:

      *lol* PHONE! grrr… “j. Z puff of smoke”? *lol* my cleaner would GO UP IN A puff of smoke!!!

      • mawil1 says:

        Lol! Glad it isnt just me with the phone! The number of emails I have sent before I finished them! It’s taken long years of training and negotiation to get my other half to consider housework!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  5. Fantastic idea, it does take everyone in the family to make something like this happen. Super impressed. Loved your thoughts on motherhood and how we can care/manage ‘things’.

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