Week 2/42


I have downloaded a marathon training plan and stuck it on the fridge door. Keeping it in an electronic diary is too ‘out of sight out of mind’ and those alerts are so easily lost in the 100’s of emails re work, school life etc. sometimes the old ways are the best.

so far so good.

The first couple of weeks are all short runs at slow speed.  All within my grasp quite easily but I have tried to resist the temptation to make them longer and harder or run on rest days. I get the idea now about consistency, getting into the routine, having enough energy left to not be tired, to run again soon.

It’s 4 weeks before I do 5 k as a long run! But after that I will be steadily pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone going from 8 miles per week to 20 by October and then a bit of work to increase speed before distances go up again after Christmas. I’m just trying to go with the flow, live day to day, accept the plan, do what it says.

Tuesday’s appear to be tricky. I need a strategy to address that.

Wednesday – couldn’t resist the lure of the cowpats.

No cowpats on this bit!

No cowpats on this bit!

it was a lovely sunny evening. I knew there would be flies and midgey things at this time of night but who wants to run by the road and breath in hot car fumes  and have people looking at you all sweaty? This is one of my favourite loops, but I did it in reverse to normal, the road bit first, so a steep uphill by road and a longer not so steep descent. Oh then an uphill bit again (shown) which I’d forgotten about.

The good thing about doing it this way was that I did a lot of the heavy breathing on the fly free roadside, then once in the fields I had to exercise a bit of ‘in through the nose out through the mouth’ discipline.

there was an interesting bit through the trees where there are lots of tree roots just visible under the grass and all woven together. I’ve fallen there a couple of time thanks to them! Tonight I noticed that the ground sounds different there, almost tympanic with every footfall. I wondered if it was because the ground was so dry, with the trees soaking up all the rain, or could there be an animal den under the roots?

friday was miserable weather. I’d set the alarm early but was so tired in the morning that I decided to have extra sleep and run in the evening, as you do. Despite feeling reluctant it wasn’t too difficult to get out in the evening, after all the schedule only called for 2 miles at slow pace .

Friday’s run was a bit of a plod but I just tried to keep going steadily if not fast or elegant. A mile out, a mile back. When I got to the duckpond I thought that it wasn’t quite a mile, checking the phone confined this . Where to next? I was at a T junction on to a very steep road that circles the cemetery: running along that would be a steep uphill either out or back! The alternative  would be to cross the road and do a loop in the cemetery. Not such a bad idea  it’s actually quite a nice cemetery, calm, pretty, on a hill overlooking the town. Unlikely to be busy on a wet Friday night, no risk of offending anyone in my Lycra. I thought it might be a good picture if I could capture the miserable weather in the sad place, sort of reinforcing the imagery. When I stopped though I realised that the gravestones looked a bit childish, with teddy bears on and the like. Closer inspection revealed that it was the ‘children’s area’. Lots of graves for children , many less than a year old. I never knew this place existed. So sad. No picture.

There was a better picture opportunity on the way home. Have you ever looked at a cow and marvelled at how square it’s body is? Well I was doing just that when I caught a glimpse of something lean and whippety- no not a dog, but 3 deer in the open field now running away from me! Too fast for a photo!

2 weeks down, 40 to go!


About mawil1

Hi my name is julie and I took up running at the age of 46! Hence 'mawil' Middle Aged Woman In Lycra. I did it at first because someone asked me to do a charity run with them. I couldn't run at all, but pride wouldn't let me be seen to be unable to run so I started a walk run programme. I stuck with it and to my surprise I found that I liked it- after a couple of weeks of progress I was hooked! My blog is about my progress in running and how I fit it in with the rest of my life.
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5 Responses to Week 2/42

  1. Looks like you are getting into a great routine with the plan. Seriously impressed! It’s not easy to fit in training around a busy life and family and work things. I had to milk this afternoon for the first time in ages (I will do any other job on the farm but I avoid milking). Can’t say I noticed how square their bodies are but they are so huge and so gentle.

    • mawil1 says:

      I daresay that you are looking at cows from a different angle when you’re milking! From the side they just have this straight ridge of a back with an actual corner at the tail! I will take a picture- maybe it’s just a regional breed!

  2. oscardiamond says:

    42 weeks of training is a marathon in its self. You’ll have to be very disciplined. Speaking as a druid, the tree root part of your run may be the roof of the home of wood nymphs, sprites and elvish creatures. Tread carefully. Talking to the cows is OK, though.

  3. I am training for a half and trying to stick to my plan but whenever I am out I just keep going and going and going. I find stopping very difficult and that’s brought me several injuries in the last three months. Now, at last, I seem to be stopping a bit more and focusing on recovery … We’ll see how it goes. Best of luck on your journey!!!

    • mawil1 says:

      It’s great that you love it so much! But I am learning, literally, to pace myself! I’d like to avoid injury, I hurt my back last year and it took ages to recover- I don’t want to do it again!

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