Bank holiday weekend

It’s been lovely, life in the slow lane! The son has been away with a friend and hubs has been at the hospital all weekend as consultant on call for general surgery. (Constantly working for 72hours, just in case you are reading Jeremy hunt)

I had planned to be doing the Edinburgh marathon yesterday, but withdrew a few weeks ago when it became clear that I wasn’t up to it๐Ÿ˜ž

So I’ve been living the Maffetone lifestyle, not stressing, doing a few chores at a leisurely pace and enjoying the sunshine. Naturally I have also been doing some exercise in my aerobic training band.

Stairmachine on Saturday. It only has 3 steps. The bottom one folds away as the top one rotates into view. It had to happen. Yes dear reader, I fell off.

I got the setting wrong and before my brain could compute what was happening the steps disappeared from under my feet and I face planted the machine. Fortunately no injuries!!!!!


I haven’t been back since! As the weather has been so lovely I did the 3mile canal route on Sunday and 5 miles of lovely no pressure Maffetone pace in the park today.

Witton park has a flat centre around which it is possible to do a 1 mile lap. I walked there as a warm up (also about 1mile) did 3 laps and walked home. The blue sky was so perfect , with cartoon clouds!

I’m really loving the low pressure of the Maffetone method. It’s the opposite of no pain no gain. More like no pain so you can do it again! I used to wake up with a stiff back every morning and have to slide crab -like out of bed because I couldn’t bend or roll for at least half an hour, but over the last few days I’ve noticed a marked improvement๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š The thing is, the back pain wasn’t even due to the running, it’s been a problem for a few years and didn’t go away when I stopped running.

This is Maffetone s view on health, diet exercise and stress and how it can all go wrong;


If you want to know more here is the link;

Maffetone paper


About mawil1

Hi my name is julie and I took up running at the age of 46! Hence 'mawil' Middle Aged Woman In Lycra. I did it at first because someone asked me to do a charity run with them. I couldn't run at all, but pride wouldn't let me be seen to be unable to run so I started a walk run programme. I stuck with it and to my surprise I found that I liked it- after a couple of weeks of progress I was hooked! My blog is about my progress in running and how I fit it in with the rest of my life.
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9 Responses to Bank holiday weekend

  1. CeeJayKay says:

    Omg! Pleased you’re OK!

  2. I have to apologize profusely for giggling when I read about the unfortunate accident… only because I’ve been on that type of stepper and the exact same thing happened to me… I fell off the backside. So glad you’re okay!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • mawil1 says:

      The thing is, you look at the machine and you know right away that it (falling off) is very possible. And when you are a little person and you have to step onto that bottom step which is above knee height, you know falling off wouldn’t be good!! So you are really careful. Until the day you get it wrong…… But it was funny I’m sure !!!!

  3. So glad you are OK and excited to see that you found to the other side ๐Ÿ™‚ I notice the increased use of positive adjectives which is a clear sign of having embraced he slowness ๐Ÿ˜€

    • mawil1 says:

      Well it’s nice to be out in the sun, not fretting about whether I’m doing better than last week, not gasping for breath – not scowling in concentration as I run!

  4. pwhent says:

    Careful on the stepper Julie!! It is so nice to read a post from you that sounds chilled, relaxed and happy. Maffetone sounds like it really works for you. Keep going!!

    • mawil1 says:

      ๐Ÿ˜€ I won’t be winning any races! But it appears to be doing what I want it to so I’ll see how the land lies at the end of my 3 month trial๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. I have a Maffetone book, but have never managed to make my way completely through it.

    Wow, that park looks beautiful! I have a new place I want to try for my runs but life was so busy before this latest trip I never had the time. June should be a much easier month & I’m ready for that!

    It’s always so embarrassing to face plant anywhere. Glad you weren’t hurt!

    • mawil1 says:

      I’m really enjoying the Maffetone thing and recommend it๐Ÿ˜Š Our town park is very well used which gives it a lovely atmosphere, lots of families and dog walkers and a really nice woodland area too. We are lucky to have it!

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