Living the dream.

This week I have a week of annual leave. We aren’t going anywhere so I thought that I would spend the week pretending to be a writer. As you do!

So what does this involve?

Basically, I get up in the morning and do some writing and the rest of the day is free to do chores, have coffee with friends, go walking or running and do a bit of reading.

I got the idea for my first novel about 4 years ago but I was too busy to do anything with it. Then a couple of years ago I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘big magic’ and I worried that ‘the muse’ would ‘give my great idea to someone else’! So about a year ago I started to put a few words down. Over time the plot has matured in my head.

I have tried to avoid any writing courses or books on writing, I didn’t want to be influenced  and find myself being cliched or formulaic. However a couple of people recommended Stephen King’s ‘on writing’ to me. (Slow running girl you were the first! Thank you.) Truthfully I found it inspirational. He thinks that reading a lot is part of being a writer – in which case I’m halfway there! And he advocates writing 2000 words per day every day (currently I’m managing 1000, OK for a beginner) then he has the rest of the day off, oh and first draft with the door shut. Yes, I like that too.

So I’m having lots of fun in my own little dilly daydream land! It feels like my characters are coming to life. Some writers say that the story and the characters write themselves and now I know what they mean. I just sit at my desk, not really sure what I’m going to do, I get started and it just happens! I know that at least I will go back to work with my batteries re charged.

I have been doing some long walks too. Walking partly because I have been walking with friends, but also because it’s sooooooo muddy! Before long though the weather will improve and we will have bluebells in these woodlands!

I’m looking forwards to some dry weather and some proper cross country running!


About mawil1

Hi my name is julie and I took up running at the age of 46! Hence 'mawil' Middle Aged Woman In Lycra. I did it at first because someone asked me to do a charity run with them. I couldn't run at all, but pride wouldn't let me be seen to be unable to run so I started a walk run programme. I stuck with it and to my surprise I found that I liked it- after a couple of weeks of progress I was hooked! My blog is about my progress in running and how I fit it in with the rest of my life.
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13 Responses to Living the dream.

  1. Gareth says:

    Nice to have the time off – and just for you to do what you please with. I love writing, I should do more to be honest. Have you ever heard of nanonwrimo? Give it a google. 50000 words in november. 1000 is tough – 2000 would drive me nuts. Worth reading the forums on there. Lots of support. I’ve done it a few times. Perhaps I should get the old pen out and thanks for being an inspiration!

    • mawil1 says:

      I suppose that we are all a bit that way inclined- hence the blogging! I’ll see what I’m up to in November. It looks like it would be a good way to start a new work! But 50,000 words in a month is a lot – not something I could do after work! Current work in progress is a major undertaking but I plan to be finished by the autumn😁

  2. oscardiamond says:

    What an odd coincidence! Just before I saw your blog on writing, I was looking up self publishing in serial form. I haven’t thought about ressurecting my novels for a couple of years. This is because a.they need a lot of re-drafting b.I’ve got the mind of a butterfly (it’s a bit bigger but it does tend to flitter about. Does that make me a magpie?) c. I can’t stop making little sculptures. Still, I remember the pleasure of creating characters and a different world. It’s a relaxing activity in itself.

    • mawil1 says:

      Are magpies members of the crow family? If so more intelligent than the average human of the same age! After a break dusting off the novels and editing them might be a good idea- coming to them with fresh eyes will help the editing process and the story will have matured in your head. I suggest that you have a go!

  3. Very cool! I love to write but not fiction. Characters do not appear for me. 🙂 But I can go on & on about subjects that interest me & enjoy researching them.

  4. Darlene says:

    How awesome to have the time off and to be able to do what you love!!

  5. shaz says:

    Going to join that dream, the one where the footpaths are dryer and running is more running than trying to keep upright!

  6. Glad you got his book. I knew it was for you. I love the magic he describes … the only way to write fiction imho. Enjoy enjoy!

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