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Day 2 week 2. C25K

Job done! I’m pleased that I seem to be improving in distance and pace but aware that my heart rate is higher than I would like when I’m doing the run bits. So I’m nôt as fit as I’d like … Continue reading

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Making hay whilst the sun shines.

yay! Summer has arrived in Lancashire. There are tractors everywhere as farmers are literally making hay! No one is celebrating the sunshine more than my husband. Why? Well someone came to read the electricity meter and it turns out that … Continue reading

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That old proverb…..

You know the one, fall down 7 times, get up 8? Did anyone ever get to 20? 50? 150? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started again on my fitness journey! But this time I really am … Continue reading

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Running in the clouds.

No need to travel to the Himalayas. Here in Lancashire the clouds come down to you! Especially if it’s a bank holiday! I finally got out for a ‘run’. First mile downhill all the way and managed it in under … Continue reading

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Pressing the reset button.

Yay! It’s holiday time, half term for the son and a week of annual leave for me. We aren’t going away, – we haven’t had a holiday since this time last year and it will become apparent why, later…….! So … Continue reading

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Interesting times.

When I arrived at work on Wednesday I was surprised to see a flag flying at half mast. Not surprised at the sign of respect for the victims of the Manchester bombing but surprised that we had a flag and … Continue reading

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Thinking about recovery.

Recently I had a patient with breast cancer who was so determined to fight her disease and get better. She is young and dynamic. She was prepared to do anything to beat this. She had a large-ish tumour and so … Continue reading

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Currently I’m on study leave attending a conference. In Belfast, somewhere I haven’t been before. Although my running  kit made the journey across the sea I didn’t actually get a run in! However I have been wearing my garmin and … Continue reading

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This one is about books.

Hello everyone. Yes I’ve been a little bit quiet recently, sorry if you missed me. However this is primarily a running blog shared with fellow runners and as I haven’t been running much recently I haven’t had much to write … Continue reading

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Time on your own

Originally posted on We Run and Ride:
The idea of tracking a run or a ride by satellite on some days just seems intrusive. Who really, truly needs to know what you’re doing? Perhaps even you don’t need or want…

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