august 8-13 2017

This blog is a little late – wi if issues yesterday☹️ After 2 hours of trying to upload my photos I gave up and went to bed! But never mind, its happy holidays for us, 2 weeks of leisure time away from work.  Yipee!

Last week started off well with the C25k. I repeated week 5 day 1 twice and I was planning to do it again on Friday but the rest of life got in the way. In the end I woke to a beautiful sunny day on Sunday. The menfolk were going to a football match so that was my opportunity to get out. It was such a lovely day it seemed a waste to limit myself to 30 minutes up and down the road so I decided to treat myself to a jog on the hill. As it was a treat I decided that I would drive to the Nick o Pendle as my starting point.

IMG_1307I walked up Apronfull hill, over badger wells hill jogged along deer stones and spence moor.

This is the view of the ‘trough of bowland’ from Apronfull hill. You can see why it’s called the trough!


Now you can see why this is called ‘the trough’.

Going onto spence moor was really just a bit of a recce for the future. I originally thought that it might be possible to follow that track onto black hill and get onto Pendle hill that way, but there are no official paths there.


It appears that the surest way to get to Pendle is to follow the paths down to Ogden clough and double back along the other side of the water. I didn’t want to run downhill just to run back up it again, so from the top of the moor I ran down to chew clough reservoir.

[caption id="attachment_5228" width="3898"]IMG_1314 Chew reservoir.

On the way I stopped to check the map, in an area were it was covered in an early growth of bracken. In the silence I heard a creaky noise. I stood really still, looked around. No wind, no animals visible no people. Yet every so often I could hear a creaking sound. I came to the conclusion that it was the sound of the bracken growing. People say that you can hear rhubarb growing and this was similar!

Then it was a very bucolic downhill run back down to the road.


Heather time.

So where will my next run be from?
Spoiler alert: there will be no C25k this week but I expect that there will be some scenic walks. Possibly …… the rain.

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wi fi free Sunday.

This is not a lifestyle choice!

Sundays, lovely Sundays a day of rest and relaxation. I wake up, make a cup of tea and get back into bed, snuggling down to read everyone’s blogs. By 9am I’m ready to pen a few words of my own – and it all goes pear shaped. The wi fi just stops working. Today, I spent half an hour trying to add a couple of photographs then gave up. I’ve been in and out all day, kept trying to no avail and then here we are 7pm and suddenly it all comes back, a whole day of emails pop through. It’s the same every Sunday, one of the perils of rural life I think. I guess that everyone in the village is home on Sunday and wants to use the wifi🙄

Anyhow, onto running.

I managed 3 runs last week. (Good!)

I’m struggling with the 5 minutes of continuous running so I have done wk4 day 3 twice and week 5 day 1 twice (and will probably be doing it at least once or twice more before I move onto wk 5 day  2 which calls for 2x 8minute runs).

On Friday I was un- characteristically organised. I had an appointment after work near to where I used to live, so I took my running kit to work and went for a ‘nostalgia run’, down by the canal.


Some changes!


But still flat!

I didn’t use my C25k app – I did more of a ‘free run’ but when I looked at my garmin afterwards I’d covered the same kind of distance in the same time as I have been doing.

next week I’m hoping to do alternate day running and get 4 runs instead of 3.

only a small target, but actually I find it difficult to achieve this consistently!

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Does running help with weight loss?

Choclaterunsjudy asked this question today. Here’s my reply!

IMG_1240IMG_1241I’ve been reflecting on this myself for a week or two and my answer is yes! As the miles have gone down, the weight has gone up (and the back ache/sore knees/sore ankles has reappeared). To be fair I was also doing a low carb diet last summer, but came off that earlier on in the year. Someone pointed out to me that it might not be great for my mental health/mood. I hate to admit it but they might have been correct.

So now, I really want to get back to my 10 miles per week as I don’t want to get any fatter! And I really want to get rid of my joint pains.

It is a challenge! However, I am not defeated😊

Time for another attempt at wk 4 day 3.  Fortunately this cloud has rained itself out this afternoon…


For real!!!! Like something from a disaster movie😜😂😂


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Up and down hill

Today I did day 3 wk4 C25k.

I planned it so that leaving the house it was a gentle up hill for the 5 minute warm up, first 3 minute jog, the first walk break then I turned around and ran downhill for the two 5minute jogs and the other 3 minute one.

I did proceed onto a steeper down hill, which was part of my walk back. I took pictures of the down hill and the uphill. It all looked so obvious when out running, but in the photos you can’t tell the difference between up and down!!!

IMG_1209IMG_1211In fact it doesn’t look hilly at all!

This is what my garmin said about it;


That’s metres by the way 😁 I know it isn’t alpine but it felt quite hilly to me!

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Wk 4 day 2 (again)

IMG_1206After an afternoon of rain there was a pleasant little sunshine break and I was home in time to take advantage of it.

I enginereed my route so that most of the running was downhill. I had a 1 mile walk  uphill on the way back but interestingly that kept my HR ticking over at my MAF threshold so I feel that it was time well spent, increasing my fat burning and fitness!

i think I’m in with a chance of completing wk 4 this week.

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Engineered for success?

In the olden days, when I was a lass, we’d have called this cheating! However C25k is not a competition so I set up today’s run with a view to trying to be sure that I could simply complete it.

Basically, I planned it so that the 5 minute warm up walk was going up the hill, with a view to turning round and doing as much downhill running as possible! Despite this I had to pause in the middle of the first 5 minute run. The second 5 minute run was on the way back and was uphill. I tried to run but my heart skipped a beat, so I walked for a bit, then it happened again when I tried to run, so I called it a day and decided to walk the rest of the way home! (NB don’t worry about my heart, this happened a couple of years ago when I was pushing myself – I had an exercise stress test (ECG) done and it was fine).

It might have gone a bit better if I hadn’t left 6 days between wk4 day 2 and wk4day 3! Anyhow, suffice to say I’ve decided to repeat wk 4 until I get it right! I  had planned to do it on the way home from dinner at a local pub last night, but this happened!

IMG_1205The weather turned from glorious sunshine to torrential rain before you could say ‘chicken, ham and leek pie’. So I hopped back in the car for a lift back with hubs!

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Wk 4 day 2

That second 5 minute run is tough! Wk 4 calls for, with walk breaks in between, 5 minutes, 3 minutes then 5 minutes of running. I know, it’s nothing isn’t it? Anyway, it is done and before the sun went down!


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Wk 4 C25k

IMG_1164.JPGYesterday was wk 4 day 1. It included 2 x 5 minute runs, which pushed me a little. Today was a rest day, but it was a beautiful day and I was at a loose end, so I went for  a walk instead. Here’s a lovely bucolic scene.

I will see how the rest of week 4 goes, I may need to repeat this one!

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Thank you blogging friends!

The last couple of weeks have been indulgent and indolent!

My son finished school last week for the summer, so there were a few social events to attend. Simply being busy kept me from running for a few days, but after that no excuse, just laziness!

For the last 3 days I’ve set the alarm but just not gone. This morning the rain had stopped, but still I made a cup of coffee and to entertain myself whilst drinking it I checked in to read your blogs.

What can I say? After reading about everyon’s continued determination (and success) how could I not be inspired? So I got out and finally did run 3 of week 3.

It was a beautiful morning too, sunny but cool. I thought that you might like a photo of the lovely wildflowers my landlady planted.

Thank you!

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Great run. Wk3 day 1

Maybe the happy pills last night worked – I had such a great run today! Great in that I really enjoyed it!

I mentioned yesterday that  I was a bit concerned about the 3minute runs, so I thought that it would be easier if the hills were removed from the equation. Hubby was popping in to work so there was the opportunity for a quick 30minutes with Buddy.

Also did I mention that I have got some new headphones?

IMG_1083.JPGThese are Powerbeats. They are blue tooth, and I like the fact that they are connected by a wire not a headband. My husband has some with a stiff band that I tried, but it just jars on the back of my neck and gets pushed off. Also see that adjustable loop? I can just hook it on my pony tail for extra comfort! They were expensive but worth it, they don’t fall off and the sound quality is excellent!

They also allow me to answer the phone remotely. Can you believe it my hubs phoned and caught me in the act with Buddy!😳😂😂

I put my music onto ‘shuffle all’ today and it came up with a great play list;

Finally by Ce Ce Peniston

Da Da Da by Trio

Disco 2000 by Pulp

Chelsea Hotel by Leonard Cohen

Stronger by Kanye West

Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Yes, a wide and varied taste in music!

I hope that you all enjoy a good run today too!

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